Power of cloth

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The installation exhibited in government school ground, Partapur

Power of cloth: my 1st public art project was done in Partapur; my hometown, (Vagad region) of Rajasthan, India. The project is specific to the Vagad region in Rajasthan and helps develop a dialogue with the local community (mostly tribal population), using the social tools most familiar to them. It is an individual approach towards understanding the social structures and its complexities, and develop visuals within the local understanding, through a series of sculptural installation.

Power of cloth was conceived by a deep sense of curiosity and a desire to attain an in-depth understanding of different relationships and interactions that people share in a given space. It involves reconstruction of a marriage-shamiana through a series of sculptural installation using local materials, and the result was seductive and often aggressive pieces that engaged the viewer by being recognizable and useful but also uncomfortable and obsolete.
The project has received Public art grant by Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art in 2008 and was a semifinalist for the International Award for Public Art 2015.

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