In Context Slănic Moldova, Romania- 2018

Don’t panic, I am from Slănic
Migration from rural and backward areas to more urban places and more developed cities and countries is a continuous phenomenon which I am witnessing since-my childhood. I live in a small town Partapur, in south of Rajasthan, and I have seen number of young boys and men leaving the village for more opportunities, and employment elsewhere. Because of this, the population of the town has reduced to mainly the women as housewives and old men and women. When I was traveling from India to Slănic Moldova, via Bucharest, I was reading and trying to get introduced to this new country that I was visiting. Whenever I tried to search for some information, the first thing
glaringly came in front of me through leading newspapers like Guardian, New York Times, Telegraph or may it be Le Monde, were the reports of trouble due to massive migration of countries of East Europe especially Romania and Bulgaria. The youth is moving away leaving behind the women and the old people back in the town. Not a much different situation from my town Partapur, India. I also saw a very heartbreaking, and provocative news printed by the Daily Mail some time back, that the first plane in 2011 took the Romanian immigrants to London. A kind of calculated political fear was being introduced that a large number of Romanian population is going to come to Britain and the jobs are going to go away which turned out to be a false prediction. Fortunately such fake news have been continuously examined by some good journalism like Guardian and other newspapers in the Britain, elsewhere also in Germany. But this
all creates a situation where one is introduced to the politics of migration. On one side this kind of migration is allowed and legitimate, while on the other side when millions of Syrians are killed and millions want to migrate from Syria to other countries, we have seen how most of them have shut doors on them. Both the situation not just contradict each other and seem absurd but in the wake of growing capitalist greed, competition, and individualism, it troubles me as an artist and as an observer.
My present work deals with one of the dimensions of my own questions and anxieties. I have worked on Mobile home for some time, but in Romania I am creating an image of a house as an alien animal. May be an alien or an extinct species residing on earth millions of years back. This alienation is not the existential alienation alone, it is a new alienation the one that Capitalism has introduced in all of us, and this is what I am trying to deal in my work.