Bangalore Artist Center, Bengaluru- 2009

Bangalore artist centre was a creative initiative founded by artist couple Nandesh Shanti Prakash and Shamla Nandesh. The 1-month residency allows the artist to live and work in the prime location of Bangalore and explore the possibilities that the city offers.
Used plastic water bottles, discarded plastic wrappers, and print on flex.
The growing phenomenon of urban culture and the industrial development in the big cities all over has always remained an area for me to venture. This work talks at length about the growing consumerism, the growth of people and the cities they reside in. The expanding dimensions of the architectures both vertically and horizontally has become as one of the basic ingredients for a city to be called as a developed one. The shifts from iron to steel to glass to plastic reflects their striking appearance. What interests me is the kind of changes that occur in the style of architecture especially in the developing cities and I have tried to reflect the same concern in this project.





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