Baat-Cheet: chapter 1

The concept of cities makes me curious, how we occupy it and how they represent a collage of lives and destinies of their residents and visitors. It seeks the local amidst the global sensibility and is a difficult and poignant search for an identity soon to be lost. The ever-changing cityscapes and its growth both vertically and horizontally presents us with visuals that are picture perfect but at the same time intimidating. This duality of a city represents the threshold of cultural history and a globalized future. The present series- City-under construction takes references from the overpowering and omnipresent construction sites spread all over the cities making everything else look insignificant. Taking the Mobile Home series further, this project also attempts at exploring the thin line between utility and art.

The works were exhibited as part of the 2-artist show Baat-Cheet in Surat from 07-09 October, 2017 and was curated by Curador.


Gallery view